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Space Planning, Remodeling,    

New Construction, & Flipping

From space moving in, we're there for you step by step.

Homeowners-All projects start with a space-plan. Before you hire a contractor, you need a plan. Hiring a designer will bridge the gap between your ideas and making working with a contractor easy, seamless, and without disappointments. 

-Need to make better use of your space and improve the flow of your home? Let's sit down and come up with a practical and doable space plan for you and your contractor to follow.

-Starting from scratch? We'll help you come up with the perfect layout for your new home. By looking at how you use your current space, what you want to do with your new space, and where you're looking to build, we can come up with spaces and designs that you might not have even considered possible.

Flippers/Investors-Making a profit is what it's all about. Avoid costly delays and mistakes from choosing the wrong materials and color schemes. Your ROI depends on doing it right from the beginning and being done on time. Using a designer will get you the look you need to sell quickly and profitably. Make room in your budget for a designer, it isn't a luxury, it's a necessity that will save you more than you spend.

Project Management is $30 per hour for in office work & $50 per hour for on site work

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